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The Art of Parenting.

Let me recap some of the main points of our past four times together before we move to our study this week.

Session one: The Goal of parenting

  • Parenting goes better with a firm foundation and a set plan.
  • Focusing on the heart of your children more than their behavior.
  • Parents are the primary example their children will follow.
  • God should be the core of your parenting, not just a component.
  • Keeping your marriage as the priority relationship in your home.

Session two: Forming Character

  • Children are naturally self-centered and must be taught to be others-centered.
  • Children should be treated as the individuals they are.
  • Parents should learn to recognize the difference between defiance and childish behavior.
  • Train your children in wisdom by giving them boundaries.

Session three: Applying Discipline

  • Parents need a higher goal than just raising “good Kids.”
  • Good behavior doesn’t always reveal a pure heart.
  • Be prepared to reward good behavior and attitudes.

Session four: Building Relationships

  • Make sure your children know they are loved, and then train them to love God and others.
  • By developing an environment of kindness in your home, you prepare your children for quality friendships.
  • Pursue a relationship with each child. Remember: Rules minus relationship increases the chance of rebellion.

I would encourage you to look over your notes so you can remember and apply that in which you learned to help you in your parenting. This week we will be looking at, “Understanding Identity.” There is so much confusion today when it comes to one’s identity. Psalm 139:13-14 lets us know that God did not make a mistake when He made us or our children.

Key points for this session:

  • By showing your children unconditional love and acceptance, you help them embrace their God-given identity.
  • Expect your children to have different interests and different personalities.
  • Every person’s identity is rooted in his or her relationship with God.

I look forward to getting back together this week as we continue working on ourselves so we can be better parents, who point our children to Christ.




One of the main ways we seek to encourage one another through discipleship is by meeting together in Home Groups. Every other week, our groups meet in homes for a time of prayer, fellowship, and fruitful discussion on how the sermon applies to our everyday lives.

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