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Planes, Trains, and…. Buckwheat Muffins

Okay, no trains but plenty of buckwheat muffins. Pastor Rod and I knew we were in this for the long haul as soon as we were presented with a bag full of buckwheat muffins from Yuliya. Nevertheless, after an overnight plane ride with limited sleep, we needed the pick-me-up and buckwheat never tasted so scrumptious at the time. Buckwheat aside, we finally arrived at the camp...

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Ukraine Update #9

There's nothing sweeter than being home. Family, friends, your own bed, and cheeseburgers... But, being away from home allowed me to ponder upon our eternal home: God's Kingdom. It also pointed me toward the implications of missions, particularly this trip, and the goal that one day we will all bow down and worship the King of Kings, Jesus Christ. Our time in Ukraine remi...

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Ukraine Update #5

12 February 2016 7:30am (I wrote this last night, but our internet was down so I wasn't able to post) Greetings! It's 6:30pm here on Friday, our last full evening of instruction. It's been a joy to see the pastors grow and interact in their small groups. Pastor Rod has done a great job in laying the foundational principles of Simeon Trust, and the men are always fully ...

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Ukraine Update #1

After a long 24 plus hours we finally arrived close to midnight on Monday in Rivne. Most of us rested well on the plane, given the usual traveling circumstances. Yuliya did a great job in helping us maneuver seamlessly throughout airport customs, as we were well on our way to getting picked up in under 30 minutes from when we landed in Kiev, Ukraine. Alex (or Sasha) picked...

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