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Bolivia 2015 - Update #1- Arrived & Settling In


We arrived yesterday having flown on mostly comfortable Copa Airlines flight from Los Angeles through Panama City to Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Both Adam and I have been tired and have enjoyed the time for much needed rest.

Yesterday Matito (Matias Jr.) and Carlos took me and Adam on a tour of the City, venturing downtown and giving us the lay of the land. Santa Cruz is a city surrounded by rings. The old city is found within the first ring and the Mojicas live on the eighth ring on a street called Oscar Wilde. Last night we enjoyed a good meal together and watched the Peru vs. Venezuela soccer game which is part of the Copa America (America’s Cup) – Peru won 1-0.

It is cooler with some rain at the moment, so wearing a fleece has come in handy. There is lots of mud, but we have been able to avoid it as we travel.

The Mojica family is doing well. The boys are in school (University), coming and going to their classes at different times. Mery is he usual – how can I get more food on your plate & give you all the medicine you need – self. She is an extremely warm host who makes it her point to be sure that all those under her care are well fed and healthy. Matias is doing well on most fronts. He struggles with some health issue and is at present on medication for a sickness that resulted from being bitten by a “chunga” – which is apparently a small bug that bit him when he was a child living in the mountains.

IMG_7716We have already spent much time catching up and hearing what is happening in the churches under his care. There is one church that has gone fully toward the Recovery Movement which follows the teaching of Witness Lee. (They teach a distorted view of the Trinity, much like Modalism where God is the Father, then becomes the Son, then becomes the Holy Spirit. They teach a distorted view of Christ where his humanity is mingled with his divinity, rather than 100% God and 100% man. Their view of salvation is “organic”, meaning that when the seed of the Gospel penetrates the believer it gives physical birth and the individual physically becomes part of the Body of Christ…to name a few) So, please pray for me as I teach and encourage the body here. I begin preaching on Saturday night, but I am working hard in preparation for that conference.

As for the Simeon Trust Conference, so far we have 23 men signed up – Praise God!

Thank you for your on-going prayers…

God bless,


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It is about 11:30 on Friday. I have been on the computer for z few minutes, and arrived at your first update. What a blessing. Glad to hear that you and Adam are getting rest, before your spiritual challenge. Please give my love to ALL. I feel a bit homesick,and would have loved to have been on this trip. I will keep all of you in my prayers. Spec love to Mojicas!

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