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Bolivia Update #4

Dear Gateway...

This is our last day of the Bible Conference teaching the pastors how to handle Old Testament Narratives. We meet at Matias' church. It is a luxury to have the church in walking distance from his beautiful home, where we are staying.

IMG_7872.JPGThere have been around 20 guys that have attended the seminars. Most are pastors, some are seminary students and others are members. Even the president of the local Bible seminary attended for one morning this week. It is humbling to hear of the sacrifices they have made to attend: traveling two days by bus, taking off work, etc. This annual conference is the only time that the pastors of the area can gather, learn about Bible teaching principles, receive feedback on their insights and wrestle with the text.

As an example, yesterday, we had a great discussion on the role of morals in teaching Old Testament narratives (i.e. teaching about parenthood in the passage of Eli's rebellious sons).

IMG_7881.JPGOverall, the guys are hungry to grow in their teaching of the Scripture. They take notes and have great questions.

Everyone on our team is healthy due to our amazing host Mom, Matias' wife. Incredible hospitality. One thing I appreciate about Bolivian culture is "Tea Time." This happens about 5pm when we have tea, coffee and dessert (all before dinner - typically around 9:30pm).

Thank your for your prayers and support.

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