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Landed in Bolivia!

Update from Dave:

We are praising God for a completely smooth and uneventful set of plane rides to Bolivia. Though there were delays, we had an hour between each flight.

Rod was wise to book earlier flights so when they got delayed, it all worked well. All our luggage and personal items made it. We were met at the airport by the warm smiles of Matias and three other saints who caravanned us into Santa Cruz. 

Mery greeted us at their home a little after 6am, and she prepared a fantastic breakfast (for those who were able to stay awake). Everything Rebecca said about the food here is true - we are being treated like kings and queens!  After breakfast we finally got to bed and slept deeply until it was time for lunch. Another feast! I am afraid you will be seeing more of us when we get back.

Today our plan is to scope out what we can expect and get ready. There will probably be a ladies meeting tonight. Last week the rains were so severe that many of the meetings had to be cancelled, but the weather is shaping up to be perfect this week so people can get to the meetings and conference.

Pray for our continued health and strength.  Pray the Lord would use each of us however He wishes, to His glory, as we work with Him in the equipping of the saints here in Bolivia.

Photo: Matias's home