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Update from Alicia

Update from Alicia, written last Tuesday 6/24/14:

It has been a joy to reunite with our brothers and sisters here whom we love very much and to meet new people.  Their kindness and hospitality is a blessing to us all.  They make us feel very welcomed and appreciated.

Sunday morning, JohnE, Rebecca, and I attended a small church in Santa Cruz called El Buen Pastor,  They meet at someone's house since the weather makes it too difficult to get to the church.  They are a small but faithful group, pastored by Matias Jr., that meets at 8:30.

alicia update 2
Photo: Alicia worshiping with El Buen Pastor church members

After church around 10, we joined the rest of our team at Biblica, the main church in the area, for their service and then later went back for their evening service.  It was a joy to see friends from last year again!

Last night, the church held a special dinner for us and presented a gift from their church to Gateway. They wanted to show their appreciation and gave us a little banner to take home with us.

Photo: Pastor Matias Sr. presents the gift from Iglesia Bautista Biblica to Albert and Pastor Rod

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