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Update from Dave: Campsite for Ministry


Update from Dave:

Greetings!  Yesterday we traveled to the campsite Matias is building for ministry.

The campsite is located on the river. They have boys' and girls' cabins for boys and girls, and they are currently building two more cabins for the girls (see picture below).  They have also put down the foundation and pad for two more boys' cabins.
campsite photo
Photo: Pastor Rod with the campsite groundskeeper and cabin builder

The dining hall building is near completion, but the kitchen needs counter tops, finished walls (plastered and tiled or painted), and flooring.  At this point, the windows and doors are considered future options.  The campsite is about an hour drive from the church and will make for an excellent year-round conference ground for the church and other Christian groups.

By the river, there is a creek (with a resident crocodile).  In the morning, the parrots make a racket, and the monkeys swing through the trees.  The builders cleared away brush and made two soccer fields.

Matias bought cows for milk, bulls for meat, and lots of chickens for eggs and meat. What a fantastic camp!

Photo: Approaching by car, a look at the whole campsite

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This brings back wonderful memories!

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