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Update from Elia

Update from Elia:

I am so thankful to be with our Bolivian church family. It's good to see familiar faces and meet new people. We have been so warmly welcomed here.

On Tuesday evening, I visited with Raquel whom we've known since 2002.  She is a recent widow who lost her husband in a plane crash last autumn.  She shared how God is helping her "to give thanks in everything."

On Wednesday morning, a few of us went to the ferría (open market) with Pastor Matias's wife Mery to purchase gifts. We bartered for a few items and looked for electrical fixtures. Dave has been busy repairing lamps and installing light fixtures at the Mojica home and church.

The conference started Wednesday evening and continued all day Thursday. We still have two more sessions on Friday evening and Saturday morning. Rebecca and I are excited about the 10 ladies attending. We have both young and older women in our group. Our second session ended with a powerful, passage-related testimony from Carmen.

I have been impressed by the stories of God's grace in the believers here. I've heard how God has transformed their lives by means of the gospel and how God has intervened on their behalf. Their gratitude for what God has done is evident in how they serve and love others.

Please pray for us as we continue the conference. Pray for our speaking abilities in Spanish. Pray for those who are attending and learning through this conference!

photo 1
Photo: The women learn to study God's Word.

photo 2
Photo: Elia teaches the women about the importance of "author's intent" in Scripture study.

photo 3
Photo: The men learn to exposit Scripture together, too.

photo 4
Photo: Albert with more men at the conference.