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Update from Pastor Rod: The Unexpected Blessing


Update from Pastor Rod:

Dear Church Family,

Our time here has been extremely special.  Our conference went well.  Our times in the churches on Sunday have been fruitful, and we have been fed to our ears with good food.

One blessing, however, that I want to point out is how God is using David Reinagel.  He is like a machine going everywhere, checking light fixtures, dryers, music boxes used in the mission churches, and the occasional other thing that is out of my vocabulary.

He came and said, “I just want to be used in whatever way I can.”  And -- praise God -- he is being used and the people here are very appreciative.

I just wanted you to know how much of a blessing he has been to all.

God bless … We will be gone for five days in the mountains, where there is no Internet.

Photo: Dave doin' his thing!

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I am very happy that David is such a blessing! That is part of what I see missions as. Helping wherever possible.

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