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Update from Rebecca

Update from Rebecca:

I had a wonderful and new experience in Samaipata leading and teaching the ladies class, attendees of the church in Samaipata.  It wasn't a big class, but I was grateful for this opportunity to apply what I have learned.

Photo: Rebecca teaching the ladies in Samaipata

Photo: Pastor Rod teaching at the Samaipata conference

Photo: Samaipata conference attendees

JohnE did a great job with his sermons at three different churches -- two in Santa Cruz and one in Samaipata.  He also taught twice at the conference, helped wonderfully with the ladies class, and gave his testimony this morning.  He truly is a blessing for Gateway!!

As you know, we had rain in Samaipata and EARTHQUAKES.  Because of the earthquakes and rain, we had to leave Samaipata earlier than planned.  We did not want to be stuck there!

Photo: Pastor Rod "lifting" the boulders blocking the road back from Samaipata to Santa Cruz

This morning, Rod spoke at service, and JohnE and I gave our testimonies.  Now we are getting ready to eat, so gotta go.  All is well.

One more day to go!

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