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Weekend Conference

Dear Gateway Family…

I want to thank you for your prayers for the weekend conference in Santa Cruz. Although the attendance was low on the first night, the services the next day were full and we were able to deal with some timely and difficult subjects for the glory of God.

I spoke from Jude’s epistle on the subject of “Contending for the Faith in the Context of Ungodliness”, but much of our time was spent looking at the instructions of vs. 17-23, on the subject “How do we respond to False Teachers and False Teaching? At the end of the last sermon we had a time of questions and answers. The questions were really encouraging and revealed that there were people who were seeking clarity in the area of either dealing with False Teachers or answering False Teaching. Keep praying for possible follow up conversations that I have had relating to the conference.

JD and Dennis arrived safely on Saturday night and were able to share a word of testimony and IMG_7760.JPGgreeting along with Adam to the congregation on Sunday Morning. They have jumped right in and are doing a great job interacting with the people as well as eating the meager portions of food Mery and Melby have been preparing for us.

Adam is spending a lot of time with the boys, especially Joshua and Carlos. They have taken to him and are showing him many different parts of Bolivian life. He is learning lots through them.

Everyone is healthy and thankful to be here.

Thank you for your prayers! Keep them coming as the Pastors Workshop has begun.

We miss you all but know that you are supporting us through your prayers.

God bless,

Pastor Rod

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