Home Groups

We have four home groups established at Gateway which meet in homes every other week from 6-8 pm on Sundays or 7-9 pm on Fridays. These groups are loosely organized by region (North, East, South & West) and are specifically intended to be multigenerational. This is where we build community relationships and mutual accountability as we seek to apply God's word to our lives.

Groups & Discussion Leaders

Home Group North

Fridays, led by JD & Thea Bautista

Home Group West

Fridays, led by Ed & Lauren Bassard

Home Group East

Sundays, led by Albert & Julie Castaneda

Home Group South

Sundays, led by Rod & Elia Phillips

Find your home group on The City or email info@gatewaylife.org to get connected.

Vision for Home Groups

What is the immediate vision for home groups at Gateway?

Each home group gathering will include the following elements:

  • Time in the Word: focusing on application
  • Time in prayer: involving humility and transparency
  • Time in fellowship: encouragement, edification and care

What's the difference between a "small group" and a home group?

Small groups are usually seasonal, theme-specific, involve more in-depth study and training, and usually children are left at home (in most cases).

Home groups are casual, application-oriented, highly relational, and involve the whole family.