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"I'd rather have Buckwheat"

Despite what JD might tell you, I am not taking this out of context. These are the exact words spoken as JD looked over the lunch options. And just like JD, there’s been a lot of heart change happening here during our stay. Many brothers have heard of the expositional preaching philosophy for the first time. Some commented and thanked for the clarity and approachability of the material presented. Others confessed their realizations of not being careful in handling God’s word. Hearing these testimonies has been a great encouragement, knowing that God is doing His work among His people.

Please continue praying for Rivne and for Ukraine as a whole. The 500 year anniversary of the Reformation has opened many doors for the Protestant churches in this country to minister and reach out to the people here. Roman and his church are especially involved in this effort and collaborate with churches across the country for the common goal of spreading the gospel to the people while there’s freedom and opportunity to do so.

From my observation, I would say that life has gotten more difficult for the people of Ukraine. War, increased taxes, lack of jobs- these are just a few of the everyday challenges that many struggle with. Drug addiction is penetrating those much younger than ever before. There’s a lot of work to be done, and God is opening the doors for the church to show people their greatest need and to point them to the only One that can help.

Please pray for our safe travels back home. We have a long road ahead of us, and even though we don’t have any buckwheat muffins left to sustain us, we trust to be back at home soon and see your faces again!

We have missed you, Gateway Bible Church, and look forward to being reunited!

Yuliya, JD, Rod

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