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Bolivia 2016 - Update #2

Hello again!

Thank you for your continued prayers! A lot has happened since our last update.

-On Saturday Awana ministry, Stephanie taught the children how to make a gospel bracelet and walked through the colored beads and the significance of each color in the gospel message.
-Tim gave his testimony during Sunday service and Stephanie will share her testimony the next coming Sunday.
-We visited the their camp ministries, a beautiful 6-acre plot of land that runs along the river, which they are still working on building more cabins and facilities to host retreats and camps.
-We took a 1-night trip to Samaipata, a beautiful mountain village where Matias and Mery grew up. Along the way, we stopped by a handful of the church plants that Matias and Mery planted and visited a church member in need to pray with them. Before heading back to Santa Cruz, Matias and Mery gave us a tour of Samaipata - the house where Matias grew up in, the roads they had to travel as young kids, and the best breads and baked goods in the area.

With the less-structured nature of our trip, we've been a part of a lot of the informal activities here. Stephanie continues to accompany Mery to La Feria and the markets to take care of our family and home needs. Tim has been spending time with the Mojica brothers and other men in the church over soccer and Copa America. We also had a joint birthday party for Carlos and Tim, where about 50 family and church members were invited and we feasted on churrasco, sausage, and two kinds of cake! Even though our Spanish is very lacking, we have seen no lack of love and generosity from the people here.

We continue to be generously fed and treated to a variety of delicious foods. The Mojica family have been so gracious and hospitable to us to let us be a part of their lives and ministry here. Some of the most blessed moments have been hearing the numerous stories of how God has worked in their ministry to not only call them but also provide the means and the way to accomplish His work.

We have one more week left in Bolivia so please pray for us!
-More opportunities to build relationships with the people here.
-On Monday night, Pastor Rod, Pastor Joel, and Alex will arrive for the start of the pastor's training seminar. God continues to add to the numbers for the seminar, so please pray for the preparation.
-Our health - we've been dealing with diarrhea and stomach pain, so pray for our recovery.
-Safe travel back to the US

Tim, Stephanie, Emmett and Maia

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