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Well, Bolivia has a new temporary president since Evo Morales was forced out of office due to multiple evidences of corruption. When he resigned, many leaders of his party also resigned and based on the Bolivian Constitution their acting president is Jeanine Anez, who is promising to lead the country in a new General Election. Please continue to pray for the health and wel...

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Bolivia 2016 - update from Pastor Joel

Dear Gateway Bible Church I thank God for the opportunity He game me to travel and spend 8 days in city of "Santa Cruz de la sierra" in Bolivia. A big thank you to "Gateway Bible Church" for making this trip possible. It was a great blessing to have this opportunity to meet other believers, brothers and sisters, whom like me are working for the Lord. First on that list i...

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Bolivia 2016 - Update from Matito

Dear Gateway family, From the bottom of our hearts--Thank you!! Thank you for lending us your husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, sisters and pastors during this month. We realize that their sacrifice is also your sacrifice. We cannot emphasize that enough. Our hearts are full and blessed because YOU gave. We were abundantly blessed by the teaching, preaching and fellowsh...

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Bolivia 2016 - Update #6

Hi friends and family, We arrived safely back home last Thursday at 2pm, albeit a little travel weary and grungy. Several things happened after the last update we sent, so we wanted to send you a final letter. So many of the details are already getting fuzzy, so this is our best effort in giving you a picture of our precious last days with the Mojicas. After a scenic tri...

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Bolivia 2016 - Update #5

As we are ending our trip I would like to share some things that I have gotten to see and experience here in Bolivia. First is the people here are very welcoming and hospitable. They are wanting to know about you and where you are from. Second is the love for the Lord. Their desire and yearning for the word. Some of the people that attend the church that Matias Jr pastor...

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Bolivia 2016 - Update #4

Dear Gateway Family The days continue to be full and so does my tummy. One of the things that we typically run into is that our hosts are eager to make sure that we eat well, but that is only part of the truth. You see, in Bolivia, there are four meals: Breakfast where we are served eggs, yogurt, fruit, pancakes and toast covered with Carlos Mojica's (son #2) delicious s...

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Bolivia 2016 - Update #3

Dear Gateway Family It is now Friday morning and the past few days have been full of both ministry and activity. We arrived safely on Monday night after a relatively problem free flight from San Francisco through Panama City to Santa Cruz, Bolivia. By the time we arrived in Bolivia it was 11 p.m but we "had" to fellowship for a while, have dinner and touch base on the con...

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Bolivia 2016 - Update #2

Hello again! Thank you for your continued prayers! A lot has happened since our last update. -On Saturday Awana ministry, Stephanie taught the children how to make a gospel bracelet and walked through the colored beads and the significance of each color in the gospel message.-Tim gave his testimony during Sunday service and Stephanie will share her testimony the next com...

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Bolivia 2016 - Udpate #1

Hi friends and family! Thank you for your prayers! Our time in transit went without a hitch. The kids slept the first red eye leg of our flight, and played and ate the rest of the way. As that's 17 hours of travel where the kids had happy hearts, we give all glory and praise to God as that's definitely not within our finite capabilities to make them do. ;) We arrived her...

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Bolivia 2015 - Update #2 - Team 2 has arrived..

We (Dennis and I) arrived yesterday evening after a long 24+ hours. The start of our first leg from Oakland to LAX didn't go so well as our flight was delayed for over 3 hours. Eventually, we arrived at LAX at 12:30am, and napped for 2 hours at the hotel before heading back to the airport for our flight at 6am. The rest of our flights were pretty smooth, and we finally rea...

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